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Energy audit

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The main objective of an energy audit is to quantify, through cost-benefit analysis, the development of feasible energy efficiency improvement solutions. In this regard, we provide the following services:

  • Energy audit for buildings and plant installations
  • Thermoenergetic expertise
  • Thermographic inspections
  • Energy class certification of buildings and building units

The benefits of energy auditing include, through the follow-up actions that we can accomplish, the facilitation of the following processes:

  • Establishing an energy strategy in relation to development planning in view of sustainable cost optimization
  • Faster recovery of investment from the savings obtained
  • Optimization of operation of plant installations
  • Monitoring and the control of the processes both energy and technology ones
  • The decrease of the occupancy of the personnel, through less corrective maintenance of installations
  • Increasing safety in operation.

An energy audit is a complex report that our staff can provide you with, and it is to determine the real thermal and functional characteristics of energy-consuming systems. Through the energy audit the solutions for rehabilitation and thermal energy modernization of the audited systems are technically and economically established.


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