Financing from Savings

The financing of energy efficiency projects can be done from the following sources:
• Own funds
• European structural funds, POIM
• ESCO contracts (Energy Services Companies)
• Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)
• Financing provided by banks and leasing companies

For any energy efficiency project, it should be taken into account that the investment is depreciated from the energy savings, the reduction of spare parts and consumables, and the maintenance work resulting from the new technical solution implemented. The monthly amortization rate should be equal to or less than the monthly energy savings obtained by implementing the new solution.

European funds available for energy efficiency projects
The European Funds currently open for smart metering projects are POIM / 358/6/2 / – High Infrastructure Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority Axis 6: Promoting Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency in Supporting a Low Carbon Economy, 6.2: Reduction of energy consumption among industrial consumers POIM / 358/6/2 / Call for projects for energy consumption monitoring at the level of industrial consumers.

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)
EPC-type contracts are characterized by the involvement of the solution implementer in the investment, but also the bonus by obtaining a part of the obtained economy. In this way the risk moves to the supplier. The project does not require any investment from the beneficiary. Throughout the project, the beneficiary obtains support and advice, know-how from the supplier.

The depreciation time of the project will, however, be slightly longer. The provider is bonuses based on the performance of the achieved economy. It is an active co-interest and involves openness from the beneficiary for collaboration throughout the duration of the contact. It also involves the lowest risk on the part of the beneficiary.

Energy Services Company (ESCO) Contracts
ESCO contacts are based on the supplier’s monthly investment in the economy. They are close to the concept of EPCs, but do not require full-time active consultation, bonuses and, implicitly, results as spectacular as EPCs.

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