Feasibility Studies

The main purpose of the feasibility study is to provide the owner of the project, as well as its potential third-party financiers, with the necessary information to make a decision on the financing of the project. The decision may be either positive or negative, but also on the sizing and rescheduling of funding.

The structure of the feasibility study is centered around the cost-benefit analysis on several proposed technical solutions, depending on the investment intensity and the depreciation period.

  • Technical solution
  • Investment required
  • Amortization duration
  • Saving obtained

The feasibility study determines how the technical and economic requirements imposed by the beneficiary’s activities are satisfied with the proposed solution.

  1. Analysis of feasible technical solutions
  2. Determining the energy requirement
  3. Appropriate solution dimensioning
  4. Economic analysis of proposed investments
  5. Financing solutions from the savings made
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