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Energy Manager

Meets legal obligations according to law 121/2014 and optimizes the company’s energy consumption

Regulated Services Energy Manager

The activity of Energy Manager for industry aims to reduce the energy intensity and respectively the value of the energy bill of the beneficiaries through the following actions:

  • Preparation of energy balances and preparation of the ANRE declaration of total energy consumption, as well as the ANRE energy analysis questionnaire
  • Centralization and processing of information in the metering and monitoring system
  • Preparation of the specifications for carrying out the energy audit and reception of the energy audit work
  • Proposing, implementing and monitoring the progress of the energy efficiency program
  • Ensuring advice on the application of the legislation and regulations in force on energy efficiency as well as performing energy analyzes necessary for the activity of the beneficiary
  • Representing the beneficiary in relation to ANRE regarding the aspects related to energy efficiency

Energy efficiency offers the possibility to reduce energy losses, as well as to optimize consumption, which translates into an increase in the profitability of the beneficiary under the same conditions of the basic activity.

EnergyPal is licensed as an Energy Manager for industry, transportation and services, and can help you achieve your energy efficiency goals.

Energy Audit

The main objective of an energy audit is to quantify, through cost-benefit analysis, the development of feasible energy efficiency improvement solutions. In this regard, we provide the following services:

  • Energy audit for buildings and plant installations
  • Thermoenergetic expertise
  • Thermographic inspections
  • Energy class certification of buildings and building units

The benefits of energy auditing include, through the follow-up actions that we can accomplish, the facilitation of the following processes:

  • Establishing an energy strategy in relation to development planning in view of sustainable cost optimization
  • Faster recovery of investment from the savings obtained
  • Optimization of operation of plant installations
  • Monitoring and the control of the processes both energy and technology ones
  • The decrease of the occupancy of the personnel, through less corrective maintenance of installations
  • Increasing safety in operation.

An energy audit is a complex report that our staff can provide you with, and it is to determine the real thermal and functional characteristics of energy-consuming systems. Through the energy audit the solutions for rehabilitation and thermal energy modernization of the audited systems are technically and economically established.

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