Clean Energy Sources

Turn to professionals

We come to your aid with energy solutions from renewable sources, an energy of the future in which the pollutants are generated only by the manufacture of the equipment necessary for production.

We offer photovoltaic solutions that can be installed at minimal cost on almost any structure. They provide independence and energy security to the end user. It is not network dependent and is not automatically affected by network issues.

As a result of the natural process of maturing legislation, prosumers will be able to recoup the investment in a much shorter time than at present.

We offer complete services that include:

  • Consulting on choosing the optimal solution
  • Access to non-reimbursable funds where the situation allows
  • Delivery of smart equipment
  • Putting into service
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the installation

We can also provide you with solutions for extending or modernizing existing photovoltaic installations.

We offer consultancy for accessing the funds available through the Electric-UP Government Program.

We are a team of professionals, passionate about the field of renewable energy and we are waiting for your requests and questions at the following email address or on the phone: 0722 37 38 37.



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