Building Management System (BMS)

Adopt building automation systems to minimize risks and improve efficiency.

A BMS not only offers performance but also full control over your own needs.

Empower landlords to attract tenants to keep them satisfied, using an open system that offers flexibility, comfort and low costs.

Recent studies show that employee productivity increases when the environment in which they operate benefits from adequate light and enough oxygen.

You can pair our automation system with third party software through the RESTful API, to create your own applications such as: room reservation, building orientation, catering, etc.

Our solutions monitor air filters and benefit from CO2 sensors that are self-calibrated based on occupancy.

By using automation you can perform sophisticated controls using artificial intelligence, which are superior to set temperature points. This reduces the cost of air conditioning to the minimum.

A well-developed BMS can:

  • Manage indoor air quality
  • Detect occupied spaces
  • Provide contactless comfort management
  • Ensure social distancing
  • Select people who can access the building
  • Easily manage contamination situations
  • Display information of common interest and announcements

Connecting people through smart solutions inside a building is the key to better health, better spaces and increased efficiency.

We can meet in classic or digital format for an extended presentation of our solutions.

EnergyPal is an authorized importer and distributor for the following brands: DISTECH CONTROLS, TRIDIUM, BOSCH, ANDEL.

We offer complete solutions that include:

  • Consultancy for configuring the optimal solution
  • Import and distribution of smart building communications equipment and infrastructure
  • Delivery, scheduling, configuration and installation
  • User training
  • Periodic maintenance of the BMS system
  • Upgrade, refurbishment and new projects
  • Energy efficiency projects
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